New verse for Stand Beside Us Firm and Strong

Action-Songs Rock!
One of the actions we did at Leard, over two days, was to support the Gomeroi in their bid to get to see the many sacred sites around the Leard Staate Forest which have been desecrated by Whitehaven Coal. There are more which are in line for total destruction. It was a sad few days: the hopelessness they were feeling in the face of a Government who does not hold up its job of protecting Aboriginal culture and artifacts, even though they are obliged to do so.
They would like anyone who can to ring/write to Baird to ask him to uphold his obligation to protect culture by not letting Whitehaven destroy
We were all honoured to be welcomed to country and given the honorary titles of ‘brothers and sisters’ in a beautiful smoking ceremony.
At the action on Wednesday (where 5 ordinary folks stopped work on the mine for 2.5 hours), we sang the Carbon Canaries song ‘Stand Beside Us Firm and Strong’. One singer asked where was the verse for the sacred sites. So in totally adaptive Action-Song style we wrote one there and then and sang it.

Here we stand for sacred sites of Gomeroi,
Here we stand for sacred sites of Gomeroi
Whitehaven disrespected
Every sacred site detected
here we stand for sacred sites of Gomeroi

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