Crisis Carols on two sheets

I have had justifiable complaints about the difficulty of too many Carols, when really we just want the best ones so we attract people to TALK TO US as well cos it’s all about building the movement – eh?

So here’s just a single page with just 7 carols. Enjoy.  Crisis Carols one sheet new

But if you still want MORE CAROLS!!! read on …

4 pages back to back. That’s only 60 cents for an AMAZING collection of XR-focused rebel Chrisis material for about 40 mins of fun-filled singing. GET TO IT!!
Or your scratch bunch of singers can open the pages on their phones and read off that. Easier to read off phones at night.

This is an early selection of the Chrisis Carols all on one A4 sheet, back to back. It’s a PDF.
Crisis Carols 1 sheet Back to back

Oh and a second one from XR Christians Manchester
XR Manchester Crisis Carol songsheet

Crisis Carols is an initiative of Alex P in London … it’s an excuse for Extinction Rebels to get out on the street and sing their gorgeous, caring hearts out for some Climate Justice. Lots of people contributed lyrics! Here’s what Alex (Carol, of course) had to say about using the idea:

    • Get a group together – Find some people, find or write some lyrics, and have a practice.
    • Always sing in a group – the more the merrier.
    • Stay peaceful – don’t argue or retort. If asked to move on, go somewhere else but keep singing. Stay calm and be like water. Ignore dickheads – they hate it.
    • Be Strategic – Where will you sing, and who for? What are you asking them to do?
    • Be Public – Don’t be afraid of public places controlled by corporations – you can get a lot of singing in before security tells you to leave. Move slowly and keep singing.
  • Bring a Sign – make sure your your message is clear. Climate Action Now. Declare a Climate Emergency. All I Want For Christmas is a Future.
  • Have Fun! – Singing in a group is an ancient and wonderful thing. Enjoy yourself. Be silly. Clamp your feet and belt it out. A group of singing, happy people is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Post photos & videos for us! Love and rage,

Here’s the Facebook link:





Next outing of XR Climate Choir

Hello folks!

Fires rage and despair is rife, so we get active. Despair ends when action begins. Singing is always worth doing.

Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Qld
December 1st from 2.30-5.30pm there’s an information day for Extinction Rebellion with a bit of singing, a smidge of theatre, a hug of friendship and probably something to paint. Here’s the FB event if you can share it …

Extinction Rebellion Sunshine Coast – invites YOU to join us for a FAMILY FRIENDLY, Fun, Summer Picnic!

This is your chance to meet your local Extinction Rebellion group, in a relaxed social setting!

You can learn more about this movement and how our Sunshine Coast Group works within it.

You can listen to informative speakers, learn about the principles and values of the movement, have a sing along with our great XR climate choir and get linked in for future activities!

BYO – food / drinks / picnic stuff – friends and family!

If you email xrsc @ you will get to hear of XR Sunshine Coast events.

Hope to see you at Dec 1st

John Warner Adani Songs!

Holy Moley this man can write a good chorus song!
John Warner is well known in the Sydney folk singers scene and all over the country for his writing and also for children’s songs and being a stalwart member of many harmony singing crews.

And here’s music to listen to and word sheets to download for each of the songs below. Enjoy!

The list …

Adani Corporation Mines Dirty Coal – with music
Adani’s Jobs – with music
All Life Needs Water – with music
Coal Belongs with the dinosaurs
Coal or Snow
Coral or Coal – with music
Divest – with music
Flood Drought Fire
Four Degrees – with music
Frere Adani, Frere Adani – with music
Hot Out Here
It’s Time, Climate
New Coal Shanty – with music
No New Coal – with music
Wangan & Jagalingou – with music



Sunshine Coast Climate Choir songs

Hi there Climate Choir singer!

This list will get added to. There are now 6 songs on it. Until I make a dedicated WordPress site, I’ll keep using this.


These are the first four songs. All the lyrics HERE XR 4 songs on one page
When you click on the link a PDF gets downloaded into your Downloads folder.

Emergency by Blythe Pepino –
SCORE Emergency Score
Recordings – All three parts (High Part is the Melody)

Never Doubt
SCORE Never Doubt Score – Full Score 2 pages
Recording – HERE

Dona Nobis the Truth
SCORE Dona Nobis the Truth
Recordings – HERE

Climb the Climate Change Challenge has no score as yet
Note: Change to lyrics – instead of ‘FUTURE generations’ we will sing ‘YOUNGER generations’ as this matches the present urgency.
Recording of Melody (which is a lower part)
Recording of High Part – a harmony
Recording of  Whole thing together

Waterloo Rising – for Funeral-type actions
Song by Grace Gillan accompanied by Blythe Pepino
Music by Hans Zimmer
Change is coming we are few but we are strong
Time’s been wasted and we haven’t got too long
Mother’s dying we can feel it in our bones
So we’re rebelling ‘gainst a system that is wrong.

Listen HERE: this is a beautiful, moving video of the UK rebellion in April 2019
The very first 30 seconds of the video is the tune. Repeat this bit to get familiar.

You never get to hear the harmony on its own, but as you watch the video you will get to hear the melody on its own a few times. About half way through the song stops.


A new song – Everybody Gathering in Peace to Rally

It contains the 3 demands of Extinction Rebellion in the one song, with repeatable bits, to a well-known tune – ‘We’re going to the zoo’ by Tom Paxton


Everybody gathering in peace to rally – zoo3

Music HERE




There shall be no Adani Mine

There shall be No Adani Mine

Tune: We shall not be Moved

There shall be no Adani mine x2
with Wangan and Jagalingu
we will win this time
No Adani mine.

Stopping the rail line – No Adani mine x2

Protecting water – No Adani mine etc

Protecting country – No Adani mine

Cliiii-mate Justice – No Adani mine

There shall be no Adani mine


Timing note: (each full stop is the first beat of a 4/4 bar)

.There shall be
.no Adani mine
.There shall be
.no Adani mine with Wangan
.and Jagalingu we will
.win this time
.No Adani

GHD Protests have songsheet! July 2019

When I heard we were doing an action outside GHD offices around the country I put together some new chants, adjusted some lyrics and now there’s a songsheet for those events.

At our one in the Sunshine Coast we are having a life sized Polar Bear there, and a cub. Hence the Tragedy Song for Nanook.

I will post links to the Facebook videos when they are available.

Songsheet for #StopAdani  GHD songs and chants July2

The video is still BRILL!

I saw this morning that I haven’t posted anything on Carbon Canaries since Jan.

OMG! Now I know I’ve added stuff but it seems you have to write a new post to look like you’ve done anything at all.

So here’s a post about the most exiting thing … the HUGE video we did of one of the songs. Please view this and share wildly. Thanks. Please leave a comment if you feel like it!

Have a good dance!

Message to you Anna

Think I heard someone else sing this!!
A Message to You, Rudy lyrics © Carlin America Inc
Songwriters: Robert Livingstone Thompson of the Specials
Stop your messing around (ah-ah-ah)
Better think of our future (ah-ah-ah)
Time you straighten right out (ah-ah-ah)
Creating problems with coal (ah-ah-ah)
A message to you, Anna
A message to you
Stop your fooling around (ah-ah-ah)
Time you straighten right out (ah-ah-ah)
Better think of our future (ah-ah-ah)
Else we’ll vote you right out (ah-ah-ah)
A message to you, Anna
A message to you