Citizens Assemblies – why are they vital for Women and youth?

Thanks for scanning the QR code on the leaflet you found. If you can, please hang it up at your workplace or on a public noticeboard. Start this vital conversation. Here’s a PDF so you can hand it around. It will go into your downloads folder.

This page allows you to find out more about Citizens’ Assemblies (CAs) and HOW to get them happening. They just might make our lives better, and those of our young people. They will get the attitudes of ordinary citizens, including WOMEN and youth, into policy making without having to wait for four-yearly elections that are at the mercy of corporate media misinformation and major party shenanigans. (About 10% of Australians are 18-26 years old and there are NONE in parliament and only 20% of our current Fed Gov are women, and only 30% of all the 151 parliamentarians)

Ultimately, Citizens’ Assemblies might SAVE OUR LIVES. Share the links you like with your friends and start conversations about them. Get informed so when the issue comes up you can talk confidently about what they are – and what they are not. There is a lot of confusion and it is easy to spread misinformation.

Citizens Assembly on Climate and Ecological justice is the third demand of Extinction Rebellion (XR). So the XR site in WA has a great list of resources and here’s a really excellent YouTube talk called “Why Extinction Rebellion Demands a Citizens’ Assembly”

Here is a TED talk by Bruce Hennig about CAs “Are we collectively stupid?” How to use random selection to get good policy outcomes. (NOTE: CAs are not about replacing politicians – they are about providing policy advice from ordinary citizens to politicians. At least for now!)

This debate held in the Princess Theatre in Brisbane is great. Esp Prof. Alistair Stark who does a really good CA rave. The video starts from there. It was organised by Brisbane Dialogues.

A talk on Big Ideas (ABC RN) with Sydney’s Deputy Lord Mayor Jess Scully which includes a call for CAs

This is a short 2 minute cartoon about Citizens Assembly. In case a very simple intro is needed.

As an action to take, support a young person or three to come along to the School Strike For Climate in Brisbane on Friday March 25th. And come yourself!

How to have confronting conversations

And most importantly, HOW do we compel our leaders to put one on? By engaging in peaceful, creative, nonviolent disruptions of all kinds. Even David Attenborough said “We cannot be too radical” Radical means huge changes, amazing leaps, emergency focus.

The processes and businesses that are killing our ability to grow food, poisoning our water, polluting our air and lying to us MUST STOP, ASAP. We have 100 months to do so according to the science. One Hundred Months til 2030. Get trained about nonviolence and how to have confronting conversations with grief in your heart and LOVE in your intention.

Think about how you might organise a protest, make a public artwork on an issue like habitat loss or methane leaking, or hold a public meeting. Who would help you? What do you need? One thing you could do is join and contribute to the strategic nonviolence of XR. The three demands of XR to all our parliamentarians are – Tell the Truth, Act Now and hold a Citizens’ Assembly on the climate and ecological crisis.

Here’s a link to the main website in Australia: Who and what is Extinction Rebellion (XR)?

Here’s a live intro talk online on March 12th:

If you can see CITIZENS ASSEMBLIES need to happen you don’t need to join XR or start an XR group with your friends (although that would be great). You can push for them in your own way, however you feel best connected to do so. Educate and persuade those around you. Get friends over to watch the videos. Speak to your local MPs to tell them of this LOVING GIFT to them. 🙂 But do it RIGHT NOW. The window is closing for climate action that both prevents and prepares for the worst.

Comments and questions – please leave below.

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