Blackrock Greenwashing songs

Greenwashing affects share prices these days and should be made illegal. That, on top of the fact that it’s just lying and whoever does it needs to have consequences. I’d actually prefer they lost all their ill-gotten gains to the last cent rather than go to prison. But that’s a hard concept for a once-off song!

First song is Country, next two are Christmas. Have a good one.

Tune – Working 9-5 (need to sing it a little slower than Dolly does!)

Blackrock Greenwashing – that’s no way to make a living
Blackrock Greenwashing – it’s all faking and no giving
See emissions rise When you give A-da-ni credit
It’s enough to break the  food chain if we let it

Blackrock Greenwashing – while they fund the poison-spilling
Blackrock Greenwashing – their lies will make a killing
See the share price rise When their lies do not get tested
It’s enough to hope that  Larry Fink’s arrested!

Repeat …

TUNE: Red nose Reindeer

Blackrock are greenwash experts Larry Fink he surely knows
(his) annual report has excerpts of Top Class Fiction prose
(To) all of the Blackrock executives We loudly call out SHAME!
We hope you go to prison (Cos) lying brings a share-price gain
(if) share-price rules had any teeth ASIC would call to say
“Larry Fink you’re pretty bright You know Greenwashing’s not right!”
Larry’s gone with sirens blaring We’d be shouting out with glee
“Greenwash, begone for ever The truth is now compulsory!”

Tune: GOD rest ye merry gentlemen

Arrest those merry gentlemen
who know the harm they do
to every sacred creature,  to forests, me and you.
May they sit in a prison cell  so they regret and rue
that they thought to steal our comfort and joy, 
comfort and joy,
that they thought to steal our comfort and joy.

The Climate is a-Changing


Come gather round people, we must make a stand,
Beause pow’r concedes nothing without a demand,
The time has now come for a line in the sand,
To keep yesterday’s men from prevailing.
So we’ll stand in their way till new coal mines are banned,
For the climate is a-changing.

Come people, we know that you’re feeling the heat,
Our leaders are swayed by a corporate elite,
The system is broken and racked with deceit,
And it’s not worth the cost of maintaining,
So it’s time to step up and get out on the streets,
For the climate is a-changing.

Now the scientists tell us beyond any doubt
We’re threatened by bushfires, by heat and by drought,
And for many, the water’s about to run out,
Our hopes for the future are fading, (Shhh & build volume)
But the quiet Australians are starting to shout,
For the climate is a-changing.

We’ve written the letters and signed the petitions
We’ve spoken to ministers, phoned politicians,
They say they’re concerned about carbon emissions,
But their deeds make it clear that they’re feigning.
So let’s shake their foundations before it’s too late,
For the climate is a-changing.

Now listen Adani to the words that we say,
We’ll blockade your mine and we won’t go away,
We are camped on your doorstep and planning to stay,
And we’ll never grow tired of proclaiming –
That you’re killing tomorrow by mining today,
For the climate is a-changing. (That you’re killing … repeat)

John Warner Adani Songs!

Holy Moley this man can write a good chorus song!
John Warner is well known in the Sydney folk singers scene and all over the country for his writing and also for children’s songs and being a stalwart member of many harmony singing crews.

And here’s music to listen to and word sheets to download for each of the songs below. Enjoy!

The list …

Adani Corporation Mines Dirty Coal – with music
Adani’s Jobs – with music
All Life Needs Water – with music
Coal Belongs with the dinosaurs
Coal or Snow
Coral or Coal – with music
Divest – with music
Flood Drought Fire
Four Degrees – with music
Frere Adani, Frere Adani – with music
Hot Out Here
It’s Time, Climate
New Coal Shanty – with music
No New Coal – with music
Wangan & Jagalingou – with music



There shall be no Adani Mine

There shall be No Adani Mine

Tune: We shall not be Moved

There shall be no Adani mine x2
with Wangan and Jagalingu
we will win this time
No Adani mine.

Stopping the rail line – No Adani mine x2

Protecting water – No Adani mine etc

Protecting country – No Adani mine

Cliiii-mate Justice – No Adani mine

There shall be no Adani mine


Timing note: (each full stop is the first beat of a 4/4 bar)

.There shall be
.no Adani mine
.There shall be
.no Adani mine with Wangan
.and Jagalingu we will
.win this time
.No Adani

The video is still BRILL!

I saw this morning that I haven’t posted anything on Carbon Canaries since Jan.

OMG! Now I know I’ve added stuff but it seems you have to write a new post to look like you’ve done anything at all.

So here’s a post about the most exiting thing … the HUGE video we did of one of the songs. Please view this and share wildly. Thanks. Please leave a comment if you feel like it!

Have a good dance!

GOSPEL! Stand for the Land on the Galilee

Clap and dance while singing!

Original song: Put Your Hand in the Hand by Gene MacLellan 1970.
Parody by Jenny Fitzgibbon

Tune and song being sung with gusto HERE


For the LAND we take a STAND against the MAN Who’d steal our water

For the LAND we take a STAND against the MAN Who poisoned the sea

Take a look at the facts and you can’t look at acting any differently

Than taking a STAND against the MAN who’d wreck the LAND on the Galilee!


So join our BAND taking a STAND for the LAND and protecting water

So join our BAND taking a STAND for the LAND, the reef and the sea

Take a look at the facts and you can’t look at acting any differently

Than joining our BAND taking a STAND for the LAND on the Galilee!


‘Prosecute Adani’

This was a song sung outside Qld Parliament on Weds 5th Sept to demand that Adani got prosecuted for the coal dust and sludge spill at their coal port. And it came about!  They will be prosecuted  nothing like a good song to hurry things along  

Written by Dermot Dorgan with Peter McCallum from Mackay Consevation Group. The tune is Alleluhia by Leonard Cohen and a great set of words.


We’ve listened to the evidence

Presented here for this offence,

It’s clear for guilt there is no diminution.

We all agree that for this deed,

Adani’s guilt is clear indeed

And now you should proceed to Prosecution.


Last year when cyclone Debbie came

With mighty winds and flooding rain,

Adani’s people lied about pollution.

They said, “ It won’t be really gross

“One hundred milligrams at most”.

Their lies aimed at evading Prosecution.

Prosecution …

We’ve heard about the bad report
Adani tried to hide in court
They broke the rules and thereby caused pollution
The number it was 8-0-6
At Abbot Point … we saw the pics
And now the time has come for Prosecution

Prosecution ….

Well the case is strong and you have the proof,
The coal dust count went through the roof,
Coal flowed out to the Reef with no dilution.
Adani said it wasn’t fair
To send a fine, no you wouldn’t dare –
Take them to court and launch a Prosecution


Now the case is won, it’s very clear

The penalty must be severe,

For crimes like this there is no absolution.

The public rightly must insist

No simple slap upon the wrist

Will do as a result of prosecution.


Stop Adani! – Y Dig Up Coal


Original Song by Jack Moralis and Victor Willis and sung by Village People
Parody words by Jenny Fitzgibbon & Dermot Dorgan and sung by Solar Village People all over Australia to #StopAdani 

In Maleny we recorded a community video of this song on Feb 17th at 10.30 am in the main street. We had great fun! 100 people came along to show their opposition to the mine.


Watch the video, share it and then perform it in your own community!

Stop Adani! – There’s no need to dig coal
Stop Adani! – and leave a poisonous hole
Stop Adani! – with farmers paying the toll
We must leave coal in the ground
Stop Adani! – renewable we will go
Stop Adani! – it will cost us less dough
Stop Adani! – and I’m sure we will find
Climate change re-duced just in time       So-lar and the wind!

With sun to spare we say – Why Dig Up Coal    x2
With renewable pow’r from the wind and the sun
Enough – for everyone
With sun to spare we say – Why Dig Up Coal    x2
With community power, we share in the deal
How fabulous will we feel?

Stop Adani! – Vote to make pollies see
Stop Adani! – Aus-tral-i-ans want to be
Stop Adani! – building green energy
We must leave coal in the ground
Stop Adani! – we can go solar today
Stop Adani! – if we vote fossils away
Stop Adani! – we’re asking Why Dig Up Coal
When re-new-a-ble is the goal                   So-lar and the wind!

Chorus ….

Stop Adani! – It’s a fact we all know
Stop Adani! – that tribal elders say “no”
Stop Adani! – so with Galiliee coal
We must leave it in the ground
Stop Adani! – it’s Aboriginal land
Stop Adani! – For the Artesian we stand
Stop Adani! – The power is in our hand
When we use our vote to de-mand              So-lar and the wind!