Links to Other Climatey Songs & Creative Stuff

This is very eclectic. It contains songs and other great creative responses to Fossil Fuel issues. As Carbon Canaries’ songs need to be sing-along-able parodies to existing tunes, some of these excellent songs don’t make it on the list, but they are great.  In no particular order … newer additions at the top of the list.


Climate Emergency song called Young People Marching by Raffi

Yass Valley Windfarm Song

Keep Your Dirty Lights On

You Tube Video Published on Sep 17, 2013 – Fantastic.

For Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott, the message is in the music. In this Sitch exclusive, the two veritable veterans have released “Keep Your Dirty Lights On” a video which only glimpses the artists for but a moment; instead focusing on the heartbreaking history about King Coal and an industry of environmental destruction. The track comes from the duo’s recently released record, Memories and Moments.

Annette Schneider wrote “Along the Road to Boggabri” at Maules Creek one evening, and here it is played by Simon Wells. It is really well-written. The words are also there. Tune for non-Aussies is a folk song called “The Road to Gundagai”.

Message to you Turnbull! from the Glorious Rabble. “The subject of our toe-tapping, smiling, dancing outrage is certainly the most pressing of all our problems; Climate Change.  Warm Is Not Cool! ”    Fantasmic Pop Up happiness.

People Gonna rise like water/we’re gonna calm this crisis down/I hear the voice of my great grand daughter/we gotta keep – coal in the ground. Great song at beginning and end of this video from Rise Up Singing Adalaide

Leave it in the Ground by the Bushwhackers – Buy Leave It In The Ground on iTunes HERE
They say: “we think this song may just make a difference to communities fighting against the mining companies in their relentless quest for more and more profit at the expense of farmland and agriculture. Surely a clever progressive nation like Australia can do better in 2016 than simply digging it up and shipping it out!! Please share the film clip that’s on our youtube channel with anybody you think needs to hear it. Thank you to Allan Caswell who sat down with Roger to write this great anthem”.

“Who gave the Right to Frack” – Brett Hallum Holland – Brett has made a good video with his song too. Pics, graphs & text.

Singing for the Climate (Peer) 2012 – a whole community singing together – I like the Now, Now, Now bit

Art gets in on the Act – Art+climate=change some very interesting art projects.

Climate Change Comedy selections from The Guardian, bless ’em.
Now that’s what we all need!

Rob Longstaff – Changes
Quirky and cute. So’s the song. Great lyrics, amazing video.

Luke Vassella – The Mighty Dollar.
It’s a country/rock song
about CSG mining in Northern Rivers with the exceedingly singalong chorus of Keep it In The Ground.

The Climate Gentlemen
Great little video – very cute with the messaging that it is up to us. The poshness works!

Sadie, cleaning ladies – Clean up the Political Pigsty
Wonderful idea and great media. Good easy costumes and good lyrics. I see that recently they have become frocked up somewhat!

The Global Warming Song – Drew Fornarola (There’s no Global Warming on Fox)
A wonderful imagined interview between a US Repulican Candidate and a Journo.

Denial tango: Bunch of great Muso’s from down South somewhere in Oz, Men With Day Jobs.
From their new album “Deep in Denial” due for release early 2014. WORDS HERE

Basically everything by Ecopella, an environmental choir that sings about the beauty of our world and the struggle to protect it from exploitation and destruction. Founded in 1998 by musical director Miguel Heatwole. Serious and funny with theatrical bits and great harmonies.

Maules Ck Song Can’t see the forest for the Coal
Sung by activists at Leard State Forest “But I can feel a movement rising, … We see a forest they see a hole, they think that life’s worth less than gold, … can’t see the forest for the coal.”

For the BLOCKADES – there’s Paul Spencer’s song Make Some Music (Ooh, I thought it was called Banner Drops and Lock-on pipes). Yeeha. Sung by Paul and Ecopella!

The LURKERS – Peabody (Who’s got a padlock and chain …) a new genre of blue-grunge! More Blue Grass than Grnuge, but the energy is fantastic. I saw the band at Woodford and followed them round. Someone once said that if environmental music gets to Tamworth, we’ve won.
Mining Man – ‘Songs for Social Justice’ Award was presented at the final concert of the National Folk Festival in Canberra. The winning song, ‘Mining Man’ was performed by its composers, The Lurkers – Sydney-based proponents of “subversive homespun bluegrass”. Now with a video!

Seize the Day – Frakka Hakka – Get ready to DANCE to this one! What a load of loonies doing the joyful Direct Action thing. power to you! “While they surgically fracture every bone in Mother Nature …” They’ve managed to make dispairing lyrics like this fun.

LOCK THE GATE SONGS and other Coal Seam Gas songs

Anti Fracking Songs Database – like 100 or so songs/videos from all over the place, and in different languages. PLEASE feel free to email me with great ones you find in that lot … Frakka Hakka is there. No Carbon Canaries ones as yet!

My Old Man – 350 Some American women singing about keeping below 350 ppm of Carbon in the atmosphere, or else. We’re already at 390, BTW …
Gas Field Free Songs – Songs for Protectors to sing. This site has chords and words and well-recorded music! Doesn’t worry me, doesn’t worry me .. classic fun song.
And a whole heap of other vids/songs From the Gas Field Free Byron Shire Mob
The Fracking Lads – A song entered in the Sydneyvision Song Contest 2014. About poisoning the suburb of St Peters. Two Irish Folkie Leprechauns feature in this great community video.
Gene Modified Food: to the tune of Food Glorious Food From Oliver. Not Climate Change, but hey!
The Fracking Song – a good intro to what Fracking is all about
Raging Grannies – have a load of songs to choose from on many issues. Luckily they are categorised. “The Climate it is a-changing” is to an obvious tune …

Climacts – Women in NSW doing dress-ups as angels and singing and carrying on as coal miners and Coal Spin Doctors. “Also trading off people’s paranoias around aging, they have designed a range of products, Cachécoal, that sequinstrates the ‘carbons of youth’ directly into the pores, solving the global worming emergency and saving civilization. Hazel and Coral are also Bad-Ass-Country twerkers of the Disco Queen era.”

Lies like ‘illegals’  This is a song I wrote in response to Australia’s disgraceful treatment of Asylum Seekers, over 90% of whom are shown to be in genuine need of asylum. There is a new last verse
“If I’d a son or daughter, fleeing famine or slaughter, I’d cross any water, When the boat comes in” Thanks Martin Pearson for the hint to what was needed. I’ll re-film it soon.
Tony’s got to go: Written as an entry to a song competition. The task was to quote Tony Abbott at least 3 times in the song. I found researching what he had said quite depressing, so I’m glad that the song turned out kinda jokey.

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