Carbon Canaries Songbooks

There are three Songsheets ready for you to download as PDFs. They don’t have all the songs and some songs have been up-dated. If you are in a hurry they could be just what you need. The newest songsheets are on the TOP. When you click the link it arrives in your Downloads folder on your computer.

SONGSHEET #4 for GHD Actions to #StopAdani GHD songs and chants July2

Songs and chants have been adjusted to get the message across to GHD not to do Adani’s engineering work.

SONGSHEET #3 Songs and Chants for Sit ins

Sing for the Climate – based on Bella Ciao
Action Now – also based on Bella Ciao
People Gonna Rise like Water
Y Dig Up Coal
Stop Adani Stop the Mine
Leave it in the Ground
We Will, We Will Stop You, Adani
Reefs and Fossil Fuels
Here We Stand
Water For Life
Bye Bye Coal
Chants and Rounds

SONGSHEET #2 songsheet-2-carbon-canaries

Bye Bye Coal
Divest Your Super
Powered by the Sky
Old Adani (short version)
Reefs and Fossil Fuels

Carbon Canaries SONGBOOK #1
is in two sheets:
Outside Sheet Carbon Canaries songbook Outer Sheet only
Inside Sheet (makes two A5 inserts) Carbon Canaries songbook Centre Spread

Contains 11 of the songs on this website. The initial layout was done by Vivien Griffith from Sunshine Coast Environment Council and has been much updated. That’s the worst of changing some lyrics every now and then … but can’t be helped. I will write new ones from now on and try not to make changes, I mean improvements

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Palmer?
Switch to the Sunshine
Climate Change
Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground
Poison from the Coal Seam
These Gates are made for Lockin’
Renewables are all About
I’m a Believer
Dough for Me
Renewables are all About
Less is More

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