Blackrock Greenwashing songs

Greenwashing affects share prices these days and should be made illegal. That, on top of the fact that it’s just lying and whoever does it needs to have consequences. I’d actually prefer they lost all their ill-gotten gains to the last cent rather than go to prison. But that’s a hard concept for a once-off song!

First song is Country, next two are Christmas. Have a good one.

Tune – Working 9-5 (need to sing it a little slower than Dolly does!)

Blackrock Greenwashing – that’s no way to make a living
Blackrock Greenwashing – it’s all faking and no giving
See emissions rise When you give A-da-ni credit
It’s enough to break the  food chain if we let it

Blackrock Greenwashing – while they fund the poison-spilling
Blackrock Greenwashing – their lies will make a killing
See the share price rise When their lies do not get tested
It’s enough to hope that  Larry Fink’s arrested!

Repeat …

TUNE: Red nose Reindeer

Blackrock are greenwash experts Larry Fink he surely knows
(his) annual report has excerpts of Top Class Fiction prose
(To) all of the Blackrock executives We loudly call out SHAME!
We hope you go to prison (Cos) lying brings a share-price gain
(if) share-price rules had any teeth ASIC would call to say
“Larry Fink you’re pretty bright You know Greenwashing’s not right!”
Larry’s gone with sirens blaring We’d be shouting out with glee
“Greenwash, begone for ever The truth is now compulsory!”

Tune: GOD rest ye merry gentlemen

Arrest those merry gentlemen
who know the harm they do
to every sacred creature,  to forests, me and you.
May they sit in a prison cell  so they regret and rue
that they thought to steal our comfort and joy, 
comfort and joy,
that they thought to steal our comfort and joy.

Crisis Carols on two sheets

I have had justifiable complaints about the difficulty of too many Carols, when really we just want the best ones so we attract people to TALK TO US as well cos it’s all about building the movement – eh?

So here’s just a single A4 sheet (2 pages) with the brightest and funnest carols. Enjoy.  Crisis Carols one sheet new

But if you still want MORE CAROLS!!! read on …

4 pages back to back. That’s only 60 cents for an AMAZING collection of XR-focused rebel Chrisis material for about 40 mins of fun-filled singing. GET TO IT!!
Or your scratch bunch of singers can open the pages on their phones and read off that. Easier to read off phones at night.

This is an early selection of the Chrisis Carols all on one A4 sheet, back to back. It’s a PDF.
Crisis Carols 1 sheet Back to back

Oh and a second one from XR Christians Manchester
XR Manchester Crisis Carol songsheet

Crisis Carols is an initiative of Alex P in London … it’s an excuse for Extinction Rebels to get out on the street and sing their gorgeous, caring hearts out for some Climate Justice. Lots of people contributed lyrics! Here’s what Alex (Carol, of course) had to say about using the idea:

    • Get a group together – Find some people, find or write some lyrics, and have a practice.
    • Always sing in a group – the more the merrier.
    • Stay peaceful – don’t argue or retort. If asked to move on, go somewhere else but keep singing. Stay calm and be like water. Ignore dickheads – they hate it.
    • Be Strategic – Where will you sing, and who for? What are you asking them to do?
    • Be Public – Don’t be afraid of public places controlled by corporations – you can get a lot of singing in before security tells you to leave. Move slowly and keep singing.
  • Bring a Sign – make sure your your message is clear. Climate Action Now. Declare a Climate Emergency. All I Want For Christmas is a Future.
  • Have Fun! – Singing in a group is an ancient and wonderful thing. Enjoy yourself. Be silly. Clamp your feet and belt it out. A group of singing, happy people is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Post photos & videos for us! Love and rage,

Here’s the Facebook link:

Carols Against Coal

Hi folks!

i tried but could not attach the actual PDF onto this page on my phone. I had to take a screenshot of each page and upload them individually so they will probably pixelate if you try to use them for printing. Dunno.

So anyone who emails me on jennyfitzy at and asks for one will get one emailed to them.  I must ask the writers/designer if there is already a link to the PDF for download.

But here they are and you can read through them and choose your faves!




To the tune of Jingle Bells
Source: Carols Against Coal Booklet (Six Degrees, Brisbane)

Dashing through approvals
With a fast track government
Under fields they go
Farmers to torment
Nature to destroy
Wallets all to fill
Palmer’s in the Parliament
And he’s out there for the kill.

Bimblebox, Bimblebox
Clive he wants a mine
No more birds or reptiles there
Palmer thinks that’s fine, hey!

Bimblebox, Bimblebox
Digging up the land
Save our nature refuges
That’s what we all demand.

One-day we’ll win the fight
And sense will win the day
Clive will do what’s right
Solar all the way!
It’s where the future’s at
Leave coal in the ground,
Protect our nature refuges,
The best answer around.

Bimblebox, Bimblebox
Clive he wants a mine
No more birds or reptiles there
Palmer thinks that’s fine, hey!

Bimblebox, Bimblebox
Digging up the land
Save our nature refuges
That’s what we all demand.