The Songs

Here are the Songs to stop the coalmines & fracking, poke fun at fossils & fuelish humans, celebrate renewables of all genders and make choirs spring up at an action or staffroom near you. Anyone at an action can use their mobiles to find the words and sing along, there and then.

All these songs use popular tunes so they shouldn’t take much time to pick up. We’re discerning in our selection, only choosing songs that speak truthfully about the issues and are a pleasure to sing in every way. We hope you enjoy them!

Each title links to a post where you can find the lyrics, and most of the songs have audio links. (If you are or know a Music Video maker, we’d like a music video for Carbon is the World’s Worst Friend!)

If you are at a REEF rally, all the songs pertinent to the Reef or mention it are TAGGED “Reef” so you can pull up a list of them. The tags are at the bottom of the page on your mobile and at the right on a browser. Same for “ADANI”, “Coal”, “CSG”, “Solar” themes etc.

There are also Song Books ready for printing for a rally near you. They don’t have all the songs though …

Also feel free to contact me via my website if you have other suggestions or queries.

Don’t forget to check out the “Links to other Climatey songs and creative stuff” page above. Inspiring what’s happening around the world.

Accentuate Renewables (Accentuate the Positive)
Adani – Y Dig Up Coal? (YMCA) Latest version
Advance Australia’s Air (The Anthem)
Bimblebox (Jingle Bells)
Bye Bye Coal (Bye Bye Love)
Can you hear the drums ADANI? (Fernando)
Carbon Is The World’s Worst Friend (Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend)
Climate Change (Baby face)
Climate is a-Changing (Times they are a-Changing)
Divest Your Super (Pack Up Your Troubles)
Dona Nobis Common Sense (Dona Nobis Pacem)
Dough For Me (Do Re Mi)
Everybody Gathering in Peace to Rally (Going to the Zoo)
Giant Coal Mine (Little Green Frog)
Home Among the Gas Fields (Home Among the Gumtrees)
I’m a Denier, now I’m a believer  (I’m a Believer)
Leave it in the Ground Adani! (Knees Up Mother Brown)
Lock the Gates to this Land
(This train is bound for Glory)
Old Adani Has No Mine (Old MacDonald)
No Coal Seam Gas (3 Blind Mice – round)

Prosecute Adani (Alleluia)
Reefs and Fossil Fuels (Love and Marriage)
Renewables Are All About (The Hokey Pokey)
Rounds – (various tunes)

Stand Beside us Firm And Strong (She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain)

Stand for the Land on the Galilee (Put your Hand in the Hand of the Man)
Stop Adani, Stop the Mine (Darling Clementine)
Stop Adani! – Y Dig Up Coal (Latest version) (YMCA)
Switch to the  Sunshine (You Are My Sunshine)
The Simple Life (3 Blind Mice ROUND)
There Shall Be No Adani Mine (We shall not be moved)
These Gates Are Made for Lockin’ (These Boots Are Made For Walkin’)
Tragedy for Polar Bears  (Tragedy – Bee Gees)
Water for Life on this Land (This train is bound for glory)
Water In The Coal Seam (Pick a Bale O’ Cotton)
We will We will Stop you ADANI (We will rock you)
We’re Powered By the Sky – with new verse added (Along the Road to Gundagai)
Who do You Think You are Kidding Mr. Palmer? (… Mr Hitler)
When Coal Seam Gas Was New (When Jones’ Ale Was New)
When the Drills come Rolling In (When the Saints …)
XR Songs Pages for Climate Choirs – Many different songs …
Y Dig Up Coal? (YMCA)

3 thoughts on “The Songs

  1. I looked at your site as I wondered if you had a version of Can you hear the people sing. I have started one: Can you hear young people sing, singing the songs of angry youth, they are fighting for the climate and they’re shouting out the truth. That’s as far as I have got. Any ideas?

    • Hi Karen
      Do you have a link for existing versions of it? I like your start. I don’t have a version.
      I’ll visit your site – I certainly think a place that collects links to good climate songs for singing along is needed. Have you checked out the page that has an eclectic collection of creative climate stuff?
      I’m not that interested in songs people sit and listen to, as the vocal chords are muscles that are directly attached to the heart and using them in song enables an emotional connection with information. I want to get people singing and my fave way is to get them singing along to songs they already know the tunes of.
      How is your choir going?

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