Rounds can be handy…

Using rounds can add variety and harmony to a song at a rally …

David Pizza the Poet handed me these rounds after a Carbon Canaries Workshop at Woodford.: (Row, row, row your boat and London’s Burning)

Rows and rows of solar farms
Coming all on-stream
Merrily fighting climate change
No it’s not a dream!


Planet’s burning, Planet’s burning
Fix the Engine, Fix the Engine
Solar Power! Solar Power!
Yes we oughta, Yes we oughta!

There’s also The Simple Life (three blind mice) and Dona Nobis Common Sense

Also other words to 3 Blind Mice …

Coal Seam Gas, Coal Seam Gas
Bad for everyone, Bad for everyone
There’s all that fracking, and leaking is rife
They poison the water and give farmers strife
It won’t happen here while my body has life
No Coal Seam Gas

Coal Seam Gas, Coal Seam Gas
Worth making a fuss, worth making a fuss
With weak regulations and lies and spin
Where profits abound, Paid lobbyists win
Is this a democ-cracy we live in?
No Coal Seam Gas

The Great Barrier Reef, the Great barrier Reef
Loved by everyone, loved by everyone
Now coal mining, dredging and run-off is rife,
With warming, the fish and the coral in strife
If you take a stand for one thing in your life
The Great Barrier Reef


Carbon Is The World’s Worst Friend

printable version here

tune: “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” (Marilyn Monroe),
written by Jule Styne and Leo Robin, 1949
parodied by Jenny Fitzgibbon, 2014


The rich are glad to risk the earth,
They delight in mining fuels,
But I prefer an Earth that lives and gives
The future jewels.

A mine on the land will be quite detrimental
Cos carbon is the world’s worst friend
A mine may be planned .. but it will drive you mental
Get you quite irate
So quick mate, lock the gate!
Science has learnt if that coal gets burnt
That we’ll all lose our farms in the end
No forests for the clearing
when solar’s so endearing,
And carbon is the world’s worst friend

China First!
Throw off your shares and DIVEST!

There may come a time when a town needs a lawyer
Cos carbon is the world’s worst friend
There may come a time when a farmland destroyer
Eyes your fields so nice
But at any price, tell them “no dice”
He’s your guy when extraction’s high but beware when it starts to descend
Those poisoning louses fly out to their spouses
And carbon is the world’s worst friend

A high-carbon life makes the climate go chronic
Cos carbon is the world’s worst friend
A low-carbon life is like taking a tonic
It’s a better bet
Are you ready yet? Let’s get set
Time draws near and the choice is clear
And a life with less stuff is the trend
When we choose to use less
Each pow’r station spews less

And carbon, carbon, even as diamonds, carbon, is the world’s worst friend