XR Chants and Songs

For protests anywhere anytime. Here’s a handy 5-page collection of Chants (which can also be sung by adding a tune that suggests itself to you at the time) and songs which focus on the three BEAUTIFUL demands of XR, or one or more of the Ten AMAZING Principles. (esp. that Peacey, Non-Violent one, yo!)

The words are dumped into this post (so you can read them and sing them at a rally) and I have uploaded a PDF here so it’s ready to print.

The links below lead to some Very Basic Recordings so each of the tunes/rhythms can be heard.

First Page: Everybody Gathering in Peace to Rally

Tunes for all the little songs and chants:

Sorry about the layout of the words below – Much better to go to the PDF and look at it there. But in case your phone doesn’t do PDFs … here it is anyway!

Song/Chants for XR Actions

Everybody Gathering in Peace to rally – tune we’re going to to zoo

Chorus: Everybody gathering in peace to rally,

peace to rally, peace to rally

Everybody gathering in peace to rally,

and were not going AWAY

Because you got to tell the truth, truth, truth

Science has the proof, proof, proof

No future for the Youth, youth, youth

If we don’t tell the truth, truth, truth

Zero carbon is the aim, aim, aim

by 20 – 25 it’s plain, plain, plain

nothing can remain the same, same, same

when Zero carbon is the aim, aim, aim

(A bit slower for this important verse – )

Beyond politics of greed, greed, greed

Grows a hopeful little seed, seed, seed

Citi-zen’s assembl-ies, agreed, agreed

and solutions are decreed, decreed, decreed

We know what to do, do, do

It means a sacrifice it’s true, true, true

if Fossil Fuels are really through, through, through

Let’s REBEL, me and you, you, you 

We’re demanding truth
Cli-mate Truth – we’re not asking for it!

The whole truth – we’re not asking for it

We’re demanding truth and not asking for it! … 

Climate Truth Now!

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People gonna Rise

People gonna rise like the water

Gonna turn this system round

I hear the voice of my sons and daughter

Singing Climate Truth right now

Planet’s Burning

Planet’s burning, Planet’s burning

Fix the Engine, Fix the Engine

Solar Power! Solar Power!

Yes we oughta, Yes we oughta!

Never Doubt

Never doubt that a 

small group of people can change the world; 

indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Three Demand song (Frere Jacques)

We have only (We have only) Three demands (3 demands etc)

Citizens’ assemblies Act on Truth!

Government must Tell the truth

Government and Media the whole truth

Government must Act right now

Carbon free in 5 years Or we’re dead!

Leaders must be guided by

Citizens’ Assemblies Or we fry!

Why disruption? ‘cos we’re scared

(of) Total System breakdown House on fire

Climate crisis rebels rise

(in) Peaceful disobedience (in) Love and grief

This extinction worth a fuss!

In peaceful rebellion join with us!

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Bye Bye Coal Bye Bye fossil fuels
Hello renewable Energy from the sky
Bye bye Coal reduce Climate stress 
Hello cleverness Goodbye to coal goodbye
Goodbye to coal goodbye

We rebel in Love & Rage

I stand in love and truth with you my sister
I stand in love and truth with you my brother
We rebel in Love and Rage
We rebel in love and rage
We take a peaceful stand for this earth.

Hell Yeah – I love my planet 
Hell Yeah – I love my planet 
Hell Yeah – I love my planet – I’m standing up for life
Let me hear you say 
Hey Now (resp: Hey Now) x3 – I’m standing up for life!

Don’t watch the news, Be The News

You can’t speak truth to power, 

Power only moves to power

Be true – to your power 

Make power – take power

Power to the people – the people got the power
Tell me can you feel it 

getting stronger by the hour
Power to the people – the people got the power
Tell me can you feel it 

getting stronger by the hour – 

Don’t watch the news, be the news (repeat)

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Lead With Love

You Gotta put one foot in front of the other

and lead with love x2

The Dance Goes On

Round and round we dance we hold each others’ hands

And weave our lives in a circle

Our love grows strong the Dance goes on

Waterloo Rising

Change is coming Love and Grief will keep us strong

Time’s been wasted and we haven’t got too long

Mother’s dying we can feel it in our bones

So we’re rebelling ‘gainst a system that is wrong

It’s your Rebellion

If you’re wanting Climate Truth Now (Come on in, it’s your Rebellion)

If you’re wanting Climate Truth Now (Come on in, We need you here!)

If you want Climate Justice

If you’re scrupulously peaceful / Respectful 

If you want Citizens’ Assemblies

If your heart is for non-violence

If your God says Creation sacred

If you are a Godless Pagan

If you cannot be arrested

If you’re willing to glue and lock-on

…. make more up if everyone’s enjoying it

Sung Chant:

Tell the truth! It’s an emergency!

Citizens’ Assemblies! Act Now!

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Living through a Dying (round)

This is a die-in, by the living

Because we’re living through a DYING (Rpt)

One by one by millions


1,2,3,4syl simple XR rhythm

We – Rebel – Peacefully – Come and join us!

We – Rebel – urgently – For all creatures!

We – Rebel – in service – to all beings

Rhythm 2 Clave – 1-12, 1-12, 1-12, 1-2-3-4

WE – Demand, WE – Demand, WE – Demand

(Clave) Cli-mate Truth NOW!

What do we need? Climate Justice

When do we need it? Now!

How we gonna get it? Peacefully! 

How we gonna get it? Peacefully! 

Coal – Gas – Oil Don’t Dig it

Leave it in the ground it’s time to get with it.

No more coal, no more oil, 

keep that carbon in the soil

No more gas, no more oil, 

keep that carbon in the soil

Climate Truth, We’ll fight for that, 
Murdoch lies? No time for that!

Respect existence or Expect resistance. Climate Justice now!

Listen to just about all of these songs and chants at www.carboncanaries.com.au

Other suggestions – email citizenmaguire@protnmail.com

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Next outing of XR Climate Choir

Hello folks!

Fires rage and despair is rife, so we get active. Despair ends when action begins. Singing is always worth doing.

Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Qld
December 1st from 2.30-5.30pm there’s an information day for Extinction Rebellion with a bit of singing, a smidge of theatre, a hug of friendship and probably something to paint. Here’s the FB event if you can share it …

Extinction Rebellion Sunshine Coast – invites YOU to join us for a FAMILY FRIENDLY, Fun, Summer Picnic!

This is your chance to meet your local Extinction Rebellion group, in a relaxed social setting!

You can learn more about this movement and how our Sunshine Coast Group works within it.

You can listen to informative speakers, learn about the principles and values of the movement, have a sing along with our great XR climate choir and get linked in for future activities!

BYO – food / drinks / picnic stuff – friends and family!

If you email xrsc @ maleny.biz you will get to hear of XR Sunshine Coast events.

Hope to see you at Dec 1st

GHD Protests have songsheet! July 2019

When I heard we were doing an action outside GHD offices around the country I put together some new chants, adjusted some lyrics and now there’s a songsheet for those events.

At our one in the Sunshine Coast we are having a life sized Polar Bear there, and a cub. Hence the Tragedy Song for Nanook.

I will post links to the Facebook videos when they are available.

Songsheet for #StopAdani  GHD songs and chants July2

The video is still BRILL!

I saw this morning that I haven’t posted anything on Carbon Canaries since Jan.

OMG! Now I know I’ve added stuff but it seems you have to write a new post to look like you’ve done anything at all.

So here’s a post about the most exiting thing … the HUGE video we did of one of the songs. Please view this and share wildly. Thanks. Please leave a comment if you feel like it!


Have a good dance!

Message to you Anna

Think I heard someone else sing this!!
A Message to You, Rudy lyrics © Carlin America Inc
Songwriters: Robert Livingstone Thompson of the Specials
Stop your messing around (ah-ah-ah)
Better think of our future (ah-ah-ah)
Time you straighten right out (ah-ah-ah)
Creating problems with coal (ah-ah-ah)
A message to you, Anna
A message to you
Stop your fooling around (ah-ah-ah)
Time you straighten right out (ah-ah-ah)
Better think of our future (ah-ah-ah)
Else we’ll vote you right out (ah-ah-ah)
A message to you, Anna
A message to you

Melbourne Climate Choir use Carbon Canary songs to sing out for Climate Action

We get a sing-out from a Melbourne based blog.



“If the ongoing issues surrounding climate change and the proposed Adani Coal mine leave you wanting to blow your top we’ve unearthed a way to help channel that frustration and anger into inspiration and joy. Let us begin. Pop a coin into your cerebral jukebox and select the tune to the chorus of the Abba song Fernando substituting the words penned by Bjorn, Agnetha and co with the following:

There’s more carbon in the air each night 
We’ve got to fight Adani
Causing climate change for you and me
It’s planet’ry Adani
And we know that we must never lose
The stage is set
We’ll occupy your office suite
Until you’re beat Adani…

Great isn’t it? Spirits depressed and deflated by overwhelming environmental concerns are momentarily lifted and buoyed with the added bonus that the familiar tune makes it an easy song to pick up and join in with in no time: empower yourself and others by engaging in a spot of choral activism and sing out against climate change. And there’s plenty more material where that came from, including for traditional folkies ‘Stop Adani Stop the mine’ to the tune of Oh my darling Clementine, guaranteed to stick firmly in ears everywhere:

Stop Adani, Stop Adani, Stop Adaaaani, Stop the mine
Shouldn’t aughta poison water
It’s an order – Stop the Mine

cropped-c__fakepath_carbon-canariesrect-320x110Clever and simple, these songs are addictive and accessible and are the work of two radically minded musician/activists from Queensland and NSW, Jenny Fitzgibbon and Paul Spencer, who have together created Carbon Canaries, an online song resource ‘enabling people everywhere to sing out for climate action with songs that ‘poke fun at fossils & fuelish humans, celebrate renewables of all genders and make choirs spring up at an action or staffroom near you.’

To date, Carbon Canaries have parodied and posted the tunes of 35 well-known songs re-writing the lyrics to reflect, as Paul writes, ‘the human experience of the social change movement and of living in a world that’s so beautiful, so alarming and so inspiring all at the same time.’

Jenny is motivated by the desire to offer protesters and climate campaigners a source of ‘joy and energy’ and to enable people everywhere.

The Carbon Canaries’ website provides all th“

Carols Against Coal

Hi folks!

i tried but could not attach the actual PDF onto this page on my phone. I had to take a screenshot of each page and upload them individually so they will probably pixelate if you try to use them for printing. Dunno.

So anyone who emails me on jennyfitzy at gmail.com and asks for one will get one emailed to them.  I must ask the writers/designer if there is already a link to the PDF for download.

But here they are and you can read through them and choose your faves!



GOSPEL! Stand for the Land on the Galilee

Clap and dance while singing!

Original song: Put Your Hand in the Hand by Gene MacLellan 1970.
Parody by Jenny Fitzgibbon

Tune and song being sung with gusto HERE


For the LAND we take a STAND against the MAN Who’d steal our water

For the LAND we take a STAND against the MAN Who poisoned the sea

Take a look at the facts and you can’t look at acting any differently

Than taking a STAND against the MAN who’d wreck the LAND on the Galilee!


So join our BAND taking a STAND for the LAND and protecting water

So join our BAND taking a STAND for the LAND, the reef and the sea

Take a look at the facts and you can’t look at acting any differently

Than joining our BAND taking a STAND for the LAND on the Galilee!