Blackrock Greenwashing songs

Greenwashing affects share prices these days and should be made illegal. That, on top of the fact that it’s just lying and whoever does it needs to have consequences. I’d actually prefer they lost all their ill-gotten gains to the last cent rather than go to prison. But that’s a hard concept for a once-off song!

First song is Country, next two are Christmas. Have a good one.

Tune – Working 9-5 (need to sing it a little slower than Dolly does!)

Blackrock Greenwashing – that’s no way to make a living
Blackrock Greenwashing – it’s all faking and no giving
See emissions rise When you give A-da-ni credit
It’s enough to break the  food chain if we let it

Blackrock Greenwashing – while they fund the poison-spilling
Blackrock Greenwashing – their lies will make a killing
See the share price rise When their lies do not get tested
It’s enough to hope that  Larry Fink’s arrested!

Repeat …

TUNE: Red nose Reindeer

Blackrock are greenwash experts Larry Fink he surely knows
(his) annual report has excerpts of Top Class Fiction prose
(To) all of the Blackrock executives We loudly call out SHAME!
We hope you go to prison (Cos) lying brings a share-price gain
(if) share-price rules had any teeth ASIC would call to say
“Larry Fink you’re pretty bright You know Greenwashing’s not right!”
Larry’s gone with sirens blaring We’d be shouting out with glee
“Greenwash, begone for ever The truth is now compulsory!”

Tune: GOD rest ye merry gentlemen

Arrest those merry gentlemen
who know the harm they do
to every sacred creature,  to forests, me and you.
May they sit in a prison cell  so they regret and rue
that they thought to steal our comfort and joy, 
comfort and joy,
that they thought to steal our comfort and joy.

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