Carbon Canaries Songbooks

There are  Songsheets ready for you to download as PDFs. They don’t have all the songs and some songs have been up-dated. If you are in a hurry they could be just what you need.

Carbon Canaries songbook #1
is in two sheets:
Outside Sheet Carbon Canaries songbook Outer Sheet only
Inside Sheet (makes two A5 inserts) Carbon Canaries songbook Centre Spread

Contains 11 of the songs on this website. The initial layout was done by Vivien Griffith from Sunshine Coast Environment Council and has been much updated. That’s the worst of changing some lyrics every now and then … but can’t be helped. I will write new ones from now on and try not to make changes, I mean improvements

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Palmer?
Switch to the Sunshine
Climate Change
Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground
Poison from the Coal Seam
These Gates are made for Lockin’
Renewables are all About
I’m a Believer
Dough for Me
Renewables are all About
Less is More

SONGSHEET #2 songsheet-2-carbon-canaries

Bye Bye Coal
Divest Your Super
Powered by the Sky
Old Adani (short version)
Reefs and Fossil Fuels


Dona Nobis Common Sense (Sung as a Round)

Tune: Dona Nobis Pachem
Jenny Fitz and Paul Spencer

 No more, No More, Coal Seam Gas Mining
Leave it, leave it, in the ground

There are no clean green loopholes
Leave it Leave it in the ground

Gas Wells, everywhere are leaking
Leave it Leave it in the ground

(for the timing, each group need to end the word Leave at the same time and say ‘it’ as togetherly as possible. I think. Have a listen)

What shall we do with the poison Water? (Drunken Sailor)

Paul Spencer
Tune – Drunken Sailor for those young people who don’t
know the tune by just reading it –
parodies work best when it’s a well-known tune
so which songs are we going to parody in 10 years?


What shall we do with the poison water? (x3)
Poison from the coal seam.

Chorus: Who gave consent to pump up? (x3)
Poison from the coal seam

2. Pump it back near the deep Artesian

3. Filter it a bit then call it healthy

4. Spray it in the air and disperse the poison

5. Hold it in a pond till the rainy season

6. Let it overflow in the creeks and rivers

7. Wait till it’s found in the crops and cattle

8. Say that it’s not from the coal seam drilling




Coal Seam Gas (3 Blind Mice round)

Don’t start too fast. This is also a round so some people can stay on the first 2 lines thru the 3 fast lines.

Part 1
Coal Seam Gas, Coal Seam Gas
Bad for everyone, Bad for everyone

Part 2
There’s all that fracking, and leaking is rife
They poison the water and give farmers strife
It won’t happen here while my body has life
No Coal Seam Gas (only one as the end of part two, then start at the beginning of part 1)



Other words when you get bored …

Coal Seam Gas, Coal Seam Gas,
Worth making a fuss, worth making a fuss

With weak regulations and lies and spin
Where profits abound, Paid lobbyists win
Is this a democ-cracy we live in?
No Coal Seam Gas

Coal Seam Gas Songs List

These Gates are Made for Locking (These Boots …Walking)

Water in the Coal Seam (Pick a Bale o’ Cotton)

When Coal Seam Gas was New (When Jone’s Ale was new)

Coal Seam Gas (3 Blind Mice)

When the drills come rolling in (When the Saints) CSG version
When the Rigs Come Rollin In (COAL version for Maules Ck)

What shall we do with the poison Water? (Drunken Sailor)

Dona Nobis Common Sense (CSG version)

Lock the Gate to this Land (This train is Bound for Glory, this train)

You’ve left me a home among the gasfields,
with clear-felled gum trees
some chemical crap and a burning tap
a pipeline out the back,
Dusty lorries out the front
Well it’s not fracking fair!