The Climate is a-Changing


Come gather round people, we must make a stand,
Beause pow’r concedes nothing without a demand,
The time has now come for a line in the sand,
To keep yesterday’s men from prevailing.
So we’ll stand in their way till new coal mines are banned,
For the climate is a-changing.

Come people, we know that you’re feeling the heat,
Our leaders are swayed by a corporate elite,
The system is broken and racked with deceit,
And it’s not worth the cost of maintaining,
So it’s time to step up and get out on the streets,
For the climate is a-changing.

Now the scientists tell us beyond any doubt
We’re threatened by bushfires, by heat and by drought,
And for many, the water’s about to run out,
Our hopes for the future are fading, (Shhh & build volume)
But the quiet Australians are starting to shout,
For the climate is a-changing.

We’ve written the letters and signed the petitions
We’ve spoken to ministers, phoned politicians,
They say they’re concerned about carbon emissions,
But their deeds make it clear that they’re feigning.
So let’s shake their foundations before it’s too late,
For the climate is a-changing.

Now listen Adani to the words that we say,
We’ll blockade your mine and we won’t go away,
We are camped on your doorstep and planning to stay,
And we’ll never grow tired of proclaiming –
That you’re killing tomorrow by mining today,
For the climate is a-changing. (That you’re killing … repeat)

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