Sunshine Coast Climate Choir songs

Hi there Extinction Rebellion/Climate Choir singer!

This page is one of three.
There are now seven songs on this page.
You can learn all the songs here by listening so rehearsals and singing opportunities go really well.

These are the first four songs.

All the lyrics HERE XR 4 songs on one page

When you click on the link a PDF gets downloaded into your Downloads folder.

1. Emergency by Blythe Pepino –
SCORE Emergency Score
Recordings – All three parts (High Part is the Melody)

2. Never Doubt
SCORE Never Doubt Score – Full Score 2 pages
Recording – HERE

3. Dona Nobis the Truth
SCORE Dona Nobis the Truth
Recordings – HERE

4. Climb the Climate Change Challenge has no score as yet
Note: Change to lyrics – instead of ‘FUTURE generations’ we will sing ‘YOUNGER generations’ as this matches the present urgency.
Recording of Melody (which is a lower part)
Recording of High Part – a harmony
Recording of  Whole thing together

5    Waterloo Rising – for Funeral-type actions
Song by Grace Gillan accompanied by Blythe Pepino
Music by Hans Zimmer

Change is coming we are few but we are strong
Time’s been wasted and we haven’t got too long
Mother’s dying we can feel it in our bones
So we’re rebelling ‘gainst a system that is wrong.

Listen HERE: this is a beautiful, moving video of the UK rebellion in April 2019
The very first 30 seconds of the video is the tune. Repeat this bit to get familiar.

You never get to hear the harmony on its own, but as you watch the video you will get to hear the melody on its own a few times. About half way through the song stops.

WE Demand … Songs about XRs three beautiful Demands!!

6   Everybody Gathering in Peace to Rally

It contains the 3 demands of Extinction Rebellion in the one song, with repeatable bits, to a well-known tune – ‘We’re going to the zoo’ by Tom Paxton


Everybody gathering in peace to rally – zoo3

Music HERE

7    XR Marching ‘call and answer’ song

New words to the tune of Frere Jacques XR Marching song – Demands

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