We will, we will stop you, Adani

This was a great song that appeared for the Westpac Action on Feb 20th 2017

i have updated it since Westpac bowed to public pressure and said they wouldn’t fund it – yay!

We Will Stop You – Queen

(To the tune/beat of We Will Rock You. by Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen. Dunno who did this great reworking – if you do let me know)
Bold words are sung on the beat.

Intro: eight bars of “dum dum chh” beat. For dance moves, this translates to right/left stomps on beats one and two, followed by a clap on the third and nothing on the fourth.

Adani don’t go diging new coal /

Don’t you know it’s a very bad plan these days /

We’ll get on your case, in-vade your space

Waving our banners all over the place

We will, we will stop you, A-da-ni


(OR   Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Adani.)

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