We will, we will stop you, Adani

This was a great song that appeared for the Westpac Action on Feb 20th 2017

i have updated it since Westpac bowed to public pressure and said they wouldn’t fund it – yay!

We Will Stop You – Queen

(To the tune/beat of We Will Rock You. by Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen. Dunno who did this great reworking – if you do let me know)
Bold words are sung on the beat.

Intro: eight bars of “dum dum chh” beat. For dance moves, this translates to right/left stomps on beats one and two, followed by a clap on the third and nothing on the fourth.

Adani don’t go diging new coal /

Don’t you know it’s a very bad plan these days /

We’ll get on your case, in-vade your space

Waving our banners all over the place

We will, we will stop you, A-da-ni


(OR   Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, Adani.)


Westpac (or CommBank), Y Dig Up Coal?

Original Song by Jack Moralis and Victor Willis and sung by Village People
Parody words by Jenny Fitzgibbon & Dermot Dorgan and sung by Solar Village People all over Australia – fingers crossed – on Feb 20th 2017

Recording with vocal HERE
Blank Backing Track HERE

Dance to learn so you can all Flash Mob and have FUN!!  HERE

Songsheet for Printing westpac-y-dig-up-coal-by-solar-village-people

If you want to sing this song to Adani without mentioning banks, go to the song “Adani, Y Dig Up Coal” that is on the song list. To sing it to CommBank, just replace the word Westpac, with CommBank. But dammit – none of the other big bank names scan well. I’ll have to write a whole new song! Grrrr.

Westpac, There’s no need to dig coal
We say, Westpac, and leave a poisonous hole
We say, Westpac, with farmers paying the toll
We must leave it in the ground and
Westpac, renewable we will go
We say, Westpac, it will cost us less dough
Coal can stay there, and I’m sure we will find
Climate change re-duced just in time       So-lar and the wind!

With sun to spare we say – Why Dig Up Coal    x2
With renewable pow’r from the wind and the sun
Enough – for everyone
With sun to spare we say – Why Dig Up Coal    x2
You can invest in what’s real, get a much better deal
How fabulous will you feel?

Westpac, are you ready to see
We say Westpac, investors want you to be
We say Westpac, funding green energy
And you got to know this one thing
Westpac, If you pledge it today
We say Westpac your customers they will stay
And they’ll thank you, because Why Dig Up Coal
When re-new-a-ble is the goal                   So-lar and the wind!

Chorus ….

Westpac – there’s a fact you should know
We say Westpac, tribal elders say “no”
We say Westpac, so with Carmichael coal
We must leave it in the ground and
Westpac, it’s Aboriginal land
We say Westpac, keep your cash in your hand
We say Westpac, don’t let your assets get stran-
-ded when all the world goes solar               So-lar and the wind!
Chorus ….