No Coal Seam Gas – 3 Blind Mice

other words to 3 Blind Mice …
Best not to start too quickly!

Coal Seam Gas, Coal Seam Gas
Bad for everyone, Bad for everyone
There’s all that fracking, and leaking is rife
They poison the water and give farmers strife
It won’t happen here while my body has life
No Coal Seam Gas

Coal Seam Gas, Coal Seam Gas
Worth making a fuss, worth making a fuss
With weak regulations and lies and spin
Where profits abound, Paid lobbyists win
Is this a democ-cracy we live in?
No Coal Seam Gas

And one for the Great Barrier Reef:

The Great Barrier Reef, the Great barrier Reef
Loved by everyone, loved by everyone
Now coal mining, dredging and run-off is rife,
With warming, the fish and the coral in strife
If you take a stand for one thing in your life
The Great Barrier Reef

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