Reefs and Fossil Fuels (Love and Marriage)

Written for Woodford Folk Festival’s mock court case where the EDO took the people of Qld to court on behalf of the Great barrier reef for grievous bodily harm. The people of Qld lost, thanks to hilarious honesty from the peoples’ chief witness Prof Ian Lowe. In this court the reef won the several hundred million needed to prevent its deterioration. Let’s hope it becomes real.

Love and Marriage” Lyrics by Sammy Cahn and music by Jimmy Van Heusen. 1955

Reefs and Fossil fuels, Reefs and Fossil fuels
Go together like babies and power tools
Please don’t think I’m preaching
You can’t have Coal without mass bleaching

Reefs and Coal Mines, Reefs and Coal Mines
Go together like prams across rail lines
The story has a moral
You can’t have Coal without dead coral.

Risks are socialised, Profits are privatized
They go together when greed is supersized
This we tell Adani
We care more for the reef than money.

Repeat first verse ….

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