When the Rigs come rolling in (When the Saints) COAL VERSION for Maules Creek

to the tune of “When the Saints Go Marching In”
new words by Paul Spencer, Owen English and Cath Blakey
Coal-ized by Jessie and Jen at Camp Wando

We’re gonna sing, sing, sing,
We’re gonna shout, shout, shout,
We’re gonna sing, we’re gonna shout,
Stop the Mine, (OR Stop the drills)

When the blasting rigs arrive,    OR    When Whitehaven Coal arrives OR … (When the drilling rigs arrive
We’re gonna blockade side to side,
We’re gonna sing, we’re gonna shout,
Stop the Mine.

Oh When the drills (OR When the rigs)
Come rolling in,
Oh when the drills come rolling in,
We’re gonna be there to stop them,
When the drills come rolling in.

2. You can jail us and our friends,
We’re gonna be there till the end…

3. Laugh at fines and scorn your bail,
We’re not even scared of jail,…

4. On the streets and in the courts,
And at the company’s headquarts,

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