What shall we do with the poison Water? (Drunken Sailor)

Paul Spencer
Tune – Drunken Sailor for those young people who don’t
know the tune by just reading it –
parodies work best when it’s a well-known tune
so which songs are we going to parody in 10 years?


What shall we do with the poison water? (x3)
Poison from the coal seam.

Chorus: Who gave consent to pump up? (x3)
Poison from the coal seam

2. Pump it back near the deep Artesian

3. Filter it a bit then call it healthy

4. Spray it in the air and disperse the poison

5. Hold it in a pond till the rainy season

6. Let it overflow in the creeks and rivers

7. Wait till it’s found in the crops and cattle

8. Say that it’s not from the coal seam drilling




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